About My Blog:
The ImmenseLess Blog is about my passion for gaming and living my life to the full.
It will comprise of all things in my life such as daily activities, food, drinks, hobbies, TV and gaming of all kinds. No restrictions!

You will find posts on:

● Latest Games
● Latest Gaming News, Events and Updates
● Food & Drink
● Day to Day Life
 ● Films, TV & Music
 ● Activities/ Hobbies
● YouTube Channel
● Everything

About Me:
Hey, My names Ash, 24.
I currently live in Dudley, West Midlands.
Rhea | 13/5/15 | My Princess

My day to day life is currently working in McDonald's as a manager and spend my spare either gaming or enjoying life with my beautiful girlfriend and our little puppy Teddy.

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Thanks for reading!

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