Thursday, 26 March 2015

Fifa 15 Update | TOTW 28

Another Team Of The Week is upon us and it's not a bad week in all accounts with EA giving something for most leagues and I for one am happy with who I can buy this week.
GK: Roman Bürki, SC Freiburg – 74 > 77
RB: Coke, Sevilla FC – 78 > 80
CB: Gerard Piqué, FC Barcelona – 84 > 85
CB: Rod Fanni, Marseille – 74 > 74
CAM: João Moutinho, AS Monaco – 83 > 84
CAM: Alexandru Maxim, VfB Stuttgart- 77 > 79
CM: Fernando, Manchester City – 79 > 80
RM: Juan Mata, Manchester United – 85 > 86
CF: Raffael, Borussia Mönchengladbach – 80 > 81
ST: Olivier Giroud, Arsenal – 79 > 81
ST: Zlatan Ibrahimović , Paris Saint-Germain FC – 90 > 92

GK: Marcus Bettinelli, Fulham – 64 > 64
CB: Jim Larsen, FC Midtjylland – 69 > 72
CAM: Riccardo Saponara, Empoli – 72 > 73
RM: Lionel Ainsworth, Motherwell – 68 > 71
ST: Anass Achahbar, Feyenoord – 64 > 64
ST: Moussa Konaté, FC Sion – 66 > 70
ST: Harry Kane, Tottenham Hotspur – 77 > 79

Another Harry Kane in the mix this week who had jumped up to a 79 rated card with is astonishing for where he started off this season and his recent form has seen him climb in to the England line up for the next few friendlies.
Another great addition is Fernando who will fit nicely in to my Brazil hybrid side who has great strength and defending which can help any defence out.
Zlatan climbs even higher up to a 92 rated and is looking better than ever and even Giroud gets an upgrade with only his pace letting his card down.
(The fastest player this week being the CB Fanni)

Good Luck And Get Bidding!

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Fifa 15 Update | TOTW 26

More disappointment or finally we see players we want and who have earned their spot in this weeks TOTW.
Let's get stuck in:

Starting 11

GK: Iraizoz, Athletic Club de Bilbao – 78 > 81
LB: Kieran Gibbs, Arsenal – 78 > 80
CB: Loïc Perrin, AS Saint-Etienne – 80 > 81
CB: David Luiz, Paris Saint-Germain – 82 > 83
LM: André Ayew, Olympique de Marseille – 78 > 81
LM: Vitolo, Sevilla FC – 77 > 80
CM: Maximilian Meyer, FC Schalke 04 – 75 > 77
CAM: Adrian Mierzejewski, Al Nassr – 75 > 77
ST: Salomón Rondón, Zenit *. Petersburg – 80 > 83
ST: Rubén Castro, Real Betis Balompié – 78 > 81
ST: Luis Suárez, FC Barcelona – 89 > 91


GK: Tyler Deric, Houston Dynamo – 59 > 69
LB: Lorcan Fitzgerald, Bohemian FC – 54 > 64
CAM: Edwin Cardona, Monterrey – 73 > 74
RW: Michael Ríos, Universidad Católica – 66 > 70
ST: Moestafa El Kabir, Gençlerbirliği SK – 71 > 73
ST: Marco Ruben, Rosario Central – 69 > 72
ST: Marcus Berg, Panathinaikos FC – 77 > 80

I can't express my disappointment enough for this weeks TOTW as the man who I was hoping for and thought truly deserved to be in this weeks was Liverpool's own Jordan Henderson. He is left out this week after a great midweek performance netting an amazing goal and creating a goal for Daniel Sturridge.

On the plus side one great addition for my side this week in David Luiz; he deserved his spot this week and will make a great partnership with either my IF Naldo or normal card Thiago Silva.

Who do you want to buy this week and what team will he be fitting in to?
And like me ... who do you think EA missed out this week?

Monday, 2 March 2015

The Problems With | Fifa 15

Of Course every game has its pros and cons and Fifa every year seems to have it's own bugs and glitches; they will fix one thing and ruin another and us the players will either hate or love the game (or a bit of both but we still can't stop playing it)

This is my own opinion and you may disagree but please respect my views and also share with me how you feel about the latest Fifa on our consoles.

The Goalkeepers were apparently heavily worked on to make them so much better this year to read the play and have better positioning but why can my opposition beat my keeper at the near post nearly every time! Who else has had this problem? A keeper should never be beaten at the near post and this probably won't be fixed until next years Fifa but this really disappoints me.

The First Five Minutes rule can be very frustrating. Don't know what this is? Any online matches whether your playing Pro Clubs or Ultimate Team you could score in the early stages of the day game and if your opponent quits within the first five minutes the game ends and they will not get the loss and it also means no win for you. How annoying right?! This needs to be fixed ASAP.

Commentators are so repetitive. They say the same things over and over again and it can be so boring. I want him to talk about my players season, last match, records and more. I want it to feel like there is a real person actually commentating on my game not just some robot talking rubbish over and over again.

The Referee makes all the wrong decisions. I am sure every can agree on this. I clear the ball from my own box and everything is fine until their attacker then somehow runs into my player falls over after I cleared the ball and the penalty is given! It's ridiculous. Also the referees seems to be too whistle happy; constantly blowing his whistle even if you get the ball back and can go on the counter attack. It can be impossible to get any flow of the game going when he stops it all the time: Play The Advantage!

Lastly let's talk Pace & Dribbling; Yes I know in real life these are dangerous against any opposition but Fifa 15 one player will sprint from kick-off straight through your whole team weaving in and out of your players and slotting it past your keeper. It happens too often. Pace is far too overpowered in this game and no-one is using their ability to work the ball and play football they just lob it forward and they are straight through! How is that realistic?

Please share your thoughts on what I think is wrong with the game and I wan't to hear your views too. Let's just all hope some changes are made for Fifa 16.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Destiny | Xur Feb 27-1st Mar

The main man is back in the tower this weekend with more goodies and I am hoping he's got what I am after: The Mask Of The Third Man! So let's go see if I am in luck . . .

No Backup Plans | Titan Gauntlets | 13 Coins

ATS/8 Arachnid | Hunter Helmet | 13 Coins

Heart Of The Praxic Fire | Warlock Chest | 13 Coins

Universal Remote | Exotic Shotgun | 17 Coins

Exotic Shard | 7 Coins

Helmet Engram | 23 Motes Of Light

Me being a hunter there's only really one option for me since I don't tend to use shotguns however I already own the helmet shown above so nothing for me to buy this week but how about some upgrades?

Achlyophage Symbiote | Mask of the Third Man | An Insurmountable Skullfort
Crest of Alpha Lupi | Skull of Dire Ahamkara |Voidfang Vestments
Bad Juju | Thorn | Invective | Universal Remote | Thunderlord | Super Good Advice | Monte Carlo

Nothing for me to upgrade either this week so no action for me but how about you? What we you buying or upgrading? Share with me as I am always interesting in other guardians weapons and armour!
Go check him out in the north tower and just right of the strangers room.
See you around guardians!

Fifa 15 Update | TOTW 24

More and more In-Forms are brought to us each week and we all hope EA give us what we want so let's jump in and see what is gifted to to us this week.

Starting 11
GK: Kossi Agassa, Stade de Reims – 77 > 79
RB: Roberto Rosales, Málaga CF – 73 > 74
CB: Martin Škrtel, Liverpool – 81 > 82
CB: Rolando, Anderlecht(FC Porto) – 78 > 80
CDM: Adrien Rabiot, Paris Saint-Germain – 73 > 74
LM: David Silva, Manchester City – 87 > 90
CM: Andrea Pirlo, Juventus – 84 > 85
LM: Kris Commons, Celtic – 75 > 77
RW: Arjen Robben, Bayern München – 90 > 93
RW: Antonio Candreva, Lazio – 83 > 84
ST: Antoine Griezmann, Atlético de Madrid – 82 > 86


GK: Marwin Hitz, FC Augsburg – 73 > 74
LB: Fabian Schönheim, 1. FC Union Berlin – 67 > 71
CM: Jed Wallace, Portsmouth – 64 > 64
CAM: Alexander Gerndt, BSC Young Boys – 70 > 73
ST: Marc Janko, Sydney FC – 73 > 74
ST: Reuben Reid, Plymouth Argyle – 63 > 64
ST: Ivan Santini, KV Kortrijk – 69 > 72

A few great additions to the game and most of the players I am sure will be on the top of your list so who will you be getting?
Well for me I am now using a BPL/ Brazil Hybrid team so not too many for me but I have already brought the Liverpool defender Skrtel who can easily fit in to any BPL defence with some amazing statsistics to keep the opposition out so he is my recommendation this week as i brought him for less than 50k.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Bloglovin | Follow Me

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Wishlist | Clothes #1

I thought I could share with you the clothes and brands I currently like and what I want to own most out there in stores at the moment. This will be a new series post of clothes wishlists that will involve all clothes including accessories. So here is this posts top three that I'd most like to wear.

1. Layered Split Neck Long Sleeved T-Shirt - Port Royale
T Shirt by Jack & Jones would look great with most outfits - Available Here (5 Colours Available)
2. Reflector Jogger Black
Joggers for the casual wear by Voi Jeans - Available Here

3. Jack & Jones JJ Cardiff Update Core Shoes
Comfy shoes for any occasion - Available Here

These are this posts top three clothes that I want; all comfy and not too expensive for us consumers.
What do you think of these choices and please share any clothes that you've seen that I may like too.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Favourite YouTubers | My Top Five

Everyone loves YouTube and I am no different and I can't go a day without checking my subscriptions. We all have our channels that we're addicted to and I wanted to share my top five favourites with you. I wanted to be like some of these guys and made my own channel but gave up after a short while (it may make a comeback one day). Feel free to go check these guys out, they're not hard to find!

You may have come across these YouTubers before and I wouldn't be surprised if you did because they all have over at least one million subscribers each in fact PewDiePie has the most subscribers out of everyone on the whole of YouTube. Each and everyone of them do gaming videos guiding you through new and old games and PointlessBlog also does Vlogs of his day to day lifestyle and interesting to see how the other half lives. I'm sure you all have channels your addicted to so share them with me so I can check it out too.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Fifa 15 Update | TOTW 23

Another week, another Team Of The Week. I'm sure you get as excited as I do hoping someone can be of help to your Ultimate Team. Let's take a peak:

Starting Eleven:

GK: Kevin Trapp, Eintracht Frankfurt – 80 > 81
CB: Chris Smalling, Manchester United – 76 > 78
CB: Douglão, Akhisarspor – 72 > 73
CB: Álvaro, RCD Espanyol – 70 > 73
CM: Fredy Guarín, Inter – 79 > 80
CAM: Wahbi Khazri, Girondins de Bordeaux – 75 > 77
CM: Fernando Gago, Boca Juniors – 76 > 78
CAM: Mario Götze, Bayern München – 86 > 87
CF: Lionel Messi, FC Barcelona – 93 > 96
ST: Thomas Müller, Bayern München – 86 > 88
ST: Bas Dost, VfL Wolfsburg – 76 > 78


GK: Benjamin Leroy, Évian Thonon Gaillard FC – 68 > 71
LB: Jan Lecjaks, BSC Young Boys – 63 > 64
CAM: Franco Vázquez, Palermo – 72 > 73
ST: Abdulrahman Al Ghamdi, Al Ittihad – 63 > 64
ST: Khouma Babacar, Fiorentina – 72 > 73
ST: Sébastien Haller, FC Utrecht – 65 > 69
ST: Luuk de Jong, PSV – 75 > 79

Only the one player from my BPL team but Smalling doesn't really fit the bill for me and won't fit in to my team (currently Kompany and IF Toure). A couple players for the Bundesliga with Bayern duo Gotze and Muller who will make great additions to my German based team if only I could grab some more coins! Let me know who you will be getting out of this new TOTW or who you think I should get because I have been awful in seasons as of late.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Destiny | Xur Feb 20-22nd

More and more exotics, if only we could equip more than one at any given time!
But nevertheless Xur in town and brings a few different items that we don't see week in week out so it's not all too bad (even if I don't need any of them). You may be interested to see what you can purchase for yourself so let's see the merchandise:

Crest Of Alpha Lupi | Titan Chest | 13 Coins

Radiant Dance Machines | Hunter Legs | 13 Coins

Voidfang Vestments | Warlock Chest | 13 Coins

No Land Beyond | Exotic Sniper | 17 Coins

Exotic Shard | 7 Coins

Exotic Chest Engram | 23 Motes Of Light

Not much to talk about it here apart from the exotic sniper maybe? It'll cost you 17 strange coins but it's a decent sniper that looks rather old fashioned. It can also be equipped in your primary weapon slot.
Want an upgrade?

Knucklehead Radar | Achlyophage Symbiote | Crest Of Alpha Lupi
Voidfang Vestments | Sunbreakers | Hard Light
Bad Juju | Multi Mida-Tool |  The Last Word | Invective
Plan C | Monte Carlo

So there we have it, another weekend come and goes but not much to talk about for my characters but how about yours? Don't forget to do the new weekly strike to grab some more coins and I'll see you next weekend for his next visit. 

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Review | Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 Ltd Edition

So this won't be such an amazing review as I don't know all that much about cars but I'll do my best. 
I have now had this car for just over a year and had it brand new at the time. It was extremely pricey and I made the foolish choice to buy it on finance for over a five year plan; a lot of time to pay off one thing.

Be warned if you are looking in to taking cars on finance as it can put a bit of a dent in your life for the however many years you take it out for; make sure to plan ahead!

However on to the car; I haven't had many issues with the car so far although I do have a lifetime guarantee on the car if any mechanical issues arise. The only issue I have really had is having a puncture on the passenger rear tyre but that's not down to the car (more my poor driving)

The car itself in my opinion is amazing. It handles well and is very responsive. You can add more features on to the car such as sat nav, parking sensors and Bluetooth music player however I went for the more basic option which is more than enough for me.  The basic car comes with a built in tyre pump with different attachments in the boot, Bluetooth hands free for your phone and radio controls on the steering wheel.

Due to the size of the car it's easy to park wherever your going and is light and nippy. There is other size engines available for this car but upgrading will cost you a fair bit more although I feel the 1.2 is more than enough as it doesn't take long to reach 30mph or 70mph.

Be sure to check this car out and other Vauxhall cars as they are very reliable and British so they are easy to get parts for.

The car shown above is also available in a few other colours such as red and yellow.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Preview | The Order 1886

A new PlayStation exclusive game awaits us and with The Order 1886 hitting shelves in just a few days I thought I would talk a little bit about this game and why we all must experience it.
It officially releases 20/02/15 and it's a high anticipated game, one of the PlayStation exclusives available in 2015 with some reviewers claiming the game has the best visuals out there right now!

So let's talk The Order 1886;
It's a single player action adventure shooter developed by the company Ready At Dawn and Santa Monica and published by Sony. It's set in an historic London where the order protects the world from half breed monsters. The strength of the monsters is terrifying but man must fight back and go to war with the half breeds. It's an historic London but with a twist; We have ourselves some futuristic weapons to fight against the enemy so it will be interesting to see how powerful and what exciting twists we will see on the guns.
It's been said to be an interesting story to keep us wanting more and it's about time we had some more exclusives hit PlayStation and this one it sure to give us the spooks. I'll talk more of the game once I have experienced it for myself once it's out but grab yourself a copy over at GAME for only £49.99.

Fifa 15 | TOTT African Cup Of Nations

So the African Cup Of Nations is behind us after an exciting tournament that leaves our beloved Fifa 15 with some more in form players and this time it's the Team Of The Tournament:

Starting 11
GK: Razak Brimah – CD Mirandés (Spain) – Ghana
LB: Abdul Rahman Baba – FC Augsburg (Germany) – Ghana
CB: Kolo Touré – Liverpool (England) – Ivory Coast
RWB: Serge Aurier – Paris Saint-Germain (France) – Ivory Coast
CDM: Serey Die – VFB Stuttgart (Germany) – Ivory Coast
CM: Yaya Touré – Manchester City (England) – Ivory Coast
CM: Nabil Bentaleb – Tottenham Hotspur (England) – Algeria
LM: André Ayew – Olympique de Marseille (France) – Ghana
RM: Christian Atsu – Everton (England) – Ghana
LW: Max-Alain Gradel – AS Saint-Etienne (Frnace) – Ivory Coast
ST: Wilfried Bony – Manchester City (England) – Ivory Coast

GK: Didier Ovono Ebang – KV Oostende (Belgium) – Gabon
CB: Kara Mbodji – RC Genk (Belgium) – Senegal
CB: Jonathan Mensah – Evian Thonon Gaillard FC (France) – Ghana
CDM: Chancel Mbemba – Anderlecht (Belgium) – DR Congo
LM: Yannick Bolasie – Crystal Palace (England) – DR Congo
LM: Balboa – Estoril (Portugal) – Equatorial Guinea
CF: Yassine Chikhaoui – FC Zürich – Tunisia

It was a great tournament for me as an impartial to watch the exciting cup without being scared of my nation (England) losing! Of course because we're not eligible!

It shows some great in form players come in to the game including for my BPL team with Kolo Toure, Yay Toure, Bentaleb, Atsu, Bony and Bolasie. I am not sure who I'll be buying just yet but I think the Toure brothers and Bolasie would be a welcome addition. Who will you be buying? 

Monday, 16 February 2015

BPL January Manager Of The Month | Ronald Koeman

It's been a solid season full of exciting performances from Southampton and the man behind all the displays is our January Manager Of The Month Ronald Koeman.

Ronald Koeman must be happy with his teams efforts this season and you can see why January was his month for the award when he led his side to three wins in Barclay's Premier League and sitting in the Champions League spots; His side have gotten wins over Manchester United, Arsenal and Newcastle which leads you to think that they can most definitely qualify for it as they currently sit in fourth place.

Other nominations were:

Brendan Rodgers with three wins and a draw.

Mark Hughes picking up seven points from some tough games.

Mauricio Pochettino picking up three wins out of four.

Ronald Koeman deserve this award? It's been a tough month for many clubs but Southampton will fight until the very end of the season.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

BPL January Player Of The Month | Harry Kane

We all knew Harry Kane would be nominated after even more impressive appearances for Tottenham and notching even more goals to his tally for the season. It seems he is unstoppable in front of goal this season and his form doesn't seem to be dipping any time soon. January has seen the Spurs forward score five goals and see his side challenging the top four positions in the league.

This season has seen the young player score 23 goals in all competitions including a double against Chelsea and a goal against Liverpool (the goal couldn't prevent his side losing 3 - 2) which had led the nation and England manager Roy Hodgson to believe he has earned a call up for the Three White Lions. I agree that a player in such great form could be invaluable for our nation and would make a great partnership with Daniel Sturridge who made his comeback from injury against West Ham.

Other nominations for the player of the month were:

Emre Can who had some great appearances at the back with 3 clean sheets for his team.

Santi Cazorla who helped Arsenal to a win over champions Man City.

Dwight Gayle who scored three goals for his side.

Jose Fonte with some solid performances for the saints.

Oscar with three goals and two assists.

Do you agree with who won? I was hoping for Emre Can but Harry Kane deserves the praise for his displays.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Destiny | Xur Feb 13-15th

Another week for the mysterious one and this time he is in the eastern tower on the bottom level (pretty much under the Shipright vendor) and has he got one you've been looking for?
Let's take a look at this weekend's items:

Helm Of Inmost Light | Titan Helmet | 13 Coins

Crest Of Alpha Lupi | Hunter Chest | 13 Coins

Light Beyond Nemesis | Warlock Helmet | 13 Coins

Icebreaker | Exotic Sniper | 17 Coins

Exotic Shard | 7 Coins

Again the Icebreaker makes an appearance for those who have missed out in the past; it's an amazing sniper that you must have as it regenerates ammo on it's own over time. I brought the Warlock helmet this week which actually looks really good and helps me reach the level 32 cap.
Let's take a look at what you can now upgrade from your own inventory with Xur:

Knucklehead Radar | Crest Of Alpha Lupi (Titan & Hunter)
Helm Of Inmost Light | Apotheosis Veil | Sunbreakers
The Last Word | Icebreaker | Patience and Time
Super Good Advice | Gjallahorn | The Truth

Just the one item for me this week to buy but I will remain hopefully for next week. Still fingers crossed for the Mask Of The Third Man. Let me know if your happy with Xur this week and what your hoping to see next week. 

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Destiny | Wishlist

What do we need most in Destiny?

Destiny is a great game with amazing game play and online multiplayer that will keep you and your friends entertained for hours but what's missing? Let me know what you think Bungie needs to add in Destiny.

I have spent countless hours, days and weeks on Destiny farming away until my Guardian is the best and equipped with the most powerful guns I can gather although I still feel like there is something missing so here's my say on the cons and what I am hoping for in the future.

Raid Matchmaking is something many have been asking for since the Vault of Glass was first launched. Not everyone has friends online all the time and especially not six of them! You can waste a good half hour just searching for a fireteam before you can launch and try out one of the raids. This just isn't good enough. Matchmaking is needed so nobody is waiting around and they can just join other gamers with ease and have fun and kill some enemies and get the best gear available. So why not Bungie? Help the gamers out!

More Storyline is also needed in Destiny. The story without the new DLC is roughly just over twenty missions but leaves you asking more questions than answered! Each mission you jump straight into the action with only sometimes getting a glimpse of cut scenes and a bit of story. Bungie has promised there will be another add on coming Q2 2015 and major content added this autumn so here's hoping a huge story included.

New Planets would be a fresh introduction in to the lives of our Guardians. Yes, we have enjoyed exploring the current Planets available to us but we want something new and different. It would be nice to explore Neptune, Saturn and more and new enemies to come with it as I think most people are getting a little bit tired of the same old enemies by now. We want something new and exciting and hopefully it will come with the new DLC's this year!

I know I have had a little bit of a rant here but don't get me wrong I do love this game and it's what I mostly play at the moment but some changes do need to be made so have your say also and tell me what you think needs to be added and do you agree with my opinions? 

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Fifa 15 Update | TOTW 22

The latest team of the week is now available and here is who you can get your hands on and put in your own starting eleven on Fifa Ultimate Team.

Starting 11

GK: Anthony Lopes, Olympique Lyonnais – 76 > 80
CB: Jardel, SL Benfica – 76 > 78
CB: Cheikhou Kouyaté, West Ham United – 71 > 73
RB: Michel, UD Almería – 73 > 74
LM: Saúl, Atlético de Madrid – 74 > 74
LM: André Schürrle, VfL Wolfsburg – 81 > 82
CDM: Sergio Busquets, FC Barcelona – 85 > 86
LM: Dries Mertens, Napoli – 82 > 83
LW: Memphis Depay, PSV – 78 > 80
ST: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Borussia Dortmund – 79 > 81
ST: Morata, Juventus – 77 > 79


GK: Gomes, Watford – 74 > 74
LB: Sulaimani, Al Nassr – 64 > 64
RM: Iriome, CD Lugo – 62 > 64
RW: Mario Rondón, Nacional – 74 > 74
ST: Welliton, Mersin İdman Yurdu – 70 > 73
ST: Gary Hooper, Norwich City – 74 > 74
ST: Harry Kane, Tottenham Hotspur – 68 > 74

Check out the cards over at Futhead and also let me know who you think should have been in this weeks team of the week. Another week for Harry Kane as made his mark on BPL once again and now up to a level 74 rated card. A must have in any silver team out there and sure to be a gold soon.

Review | Snowball Blue Microphone

The Snowball Blue Mic can be used by many for all different uses. Music recording's, vloggers, podcasts and what I have used mine for: Voice-over recording for gaming videos.

This can be purchased over at Amazon or other major retailers and is a bargain for high quality microphones.

It's really simple to use through it's USB. Just plug in and go with no install needed. This amazing microphone offers a great crystal clear audio playback with background noise reduction. It's not too big so it's easy to pack away and it wont get in the way. The box itself contains the microphone, USB cord and the tripod to hold it up with. It also comes at a great price compared to other microphones and I have tried a few in my time and this by far is most clear. It picks up my voice with ease and sounds great over my games. The tripod is of decent size and does everything I need of it and is very strong and sturdy so it won't fall over mid recording. It's definitely worth the money. Don't waste your time on a cheap microphone. This will provide you with what your looking for and you won't look back.

I have been using this for little over a year myself so if you have any questions on this product then please don't hesitate to ask and I will help all I can.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Destiny | Husk Of The Pit

You may be looking at this post thinking what is the Husk Of The Pit? Am I right?

This will be a small post detailing what it is, why you should want it and where to get it!

So in short the Husk Of The Pit is just a normal silver uncommon auto rifle found in Destiny and was added with the new Dark Below update. Now your thinking why would you want that?

The Husk Of The Pit is an upgradable gun; the gun can be evolved in to a legendary gun and then even further in to an exotic weapon. Sounds more interesting now!

Where? The Husk Of The Pit can only be obtained from a drop when you kill a certain enemy. So you need to look out for the Blade Of Crota enemy. They are hive knights found every so often when hive conjure a summoning ceremony. 
Quick Tip: Open the story mission Will Of Crota and quickly run through the first area until you find three hive acolytes summoning the Blade Of Crota. Let them summon him and then kill him! Rinse and repeat until you get the drop as it is very rare.

To upgrade this weapon all you need to do is a kill a certain amount of hive enemies (roughly 500) to be ready for the upgrade. Finally you need the Embalming Orb (found from Eris Morn Level 3) and apply this to the weapon for it to evolve in to the legendary weapon Eidolon Ally.

Sound hard? That was the easier part!

If you want to upgrade your new auto rifle you need to do even more. Once you have upgraded this weapon to it's full you need one special item to evolve it into it's exotic brother: The Crux Of Crota.
The Crux Of Crota is a very rare drop that can only be obtained if you defeat Crota in the new raid Crota's End but only on Hard Mode!
After this your finally there. I haven't personally seen anyone with the exotic version just yet which means it's very hard to obtain and most likely worth all the effort!
It looks to have a high rate of fire which will surely kill the enemies in no time at all.
Here is the exotic weapon Necrochasm.

This amazing exotic auto rifle looks impressive with it's 332 attack and arc damage but what's most exciting is one of the upgrades that's called Cursebringer. This perk triggers a cursed thrall like explosion when your kill an enemy with a precision hit.

Let me know if you get this weapon because it seems impossible so far for me!
Good Luck Guardians.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Destiny Tracker | Find A Fireteam

This will be a very short post and it's about a website that I and many others use when playing Destiny. The only reason I am doing this post is just in case some of you out there play the game and are in the same boat as me: No Friends Online & No Matchmaking!

Of course this is a problem and you want to game on and play with a fireteam and conquer the raids, weekly and nightfall strikes.

Answer? Destiny Tracker

Head on over to Destiny Tracker and find a group to play with whenever you want. It also shows the recent updates and has forum threads for you to talk to other players for what I want to show you is the LFG(Looking for group).

The site is really simple to use. Just choose your console and chat with the other gamers who are looking to team up too! There are always players on the site looking for a fireteam and it's much quicker than waiting in the tower to invite people in. Give the site a go and let me know what you think of it. It will save you a lot of time when your friends are not around.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Review | Turtle Beach P4C Headset

So I got this headset as a gift not long after purchasing my PlayStation 4 mainly because the one that came with the PS4 wasn't quite living up to my expectations.

This headset available here from Game so much cheaper than some headsets out there on the market at the moment but with the same quality! It's affordable and available from most retailers so go out and get one for yourself and if your not satisfied with your current one. It's comfy resting on the head and comes with the settings to turn up or down the volume and mute your own microphone so nobody can hear your voice if your talking to someone in your own home for instance. It's adjustable frame is perfect for all head shapes and sizes and the mouthpiece can be moved around to fit your preferred position. My friends have all said how clear I come across when speaking through the mouthpiece as well as receiving other peoples voices crystal clear through the earpiece also. It's everything you need in a headset playing with friends and with such an appealing price it's an easy option: It's a must!

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Destiny | Xur Feb 6-8th

Yes, that's right, it's that time of the week again and the con artist is back in the tower of Destiny stealing your hard earned strange coins in exchange for your favourite exotics. So what has he got for us this week? anything good or another week of disappointment . . .

The Glasshouse | Titan Helmet | 13 Coins

Don't Touch Me | Hunter Gauntlets | 13 Coins

Sunbreakers | Warlock Gauntlets | 13 Coins

Plan C | Fusion Rifle | 17 Coins

Exotic Engram | Gauntlets | 23 Motes Of Light

Exotic Shard | 7 Coins

So nothing good to really report on this week; many people wanted the Ice Breaker to make it's return or the Suros Regime. Personally I am looking for the Mask Of The Third Man for my hunter.
Let's now take a look at the Exotic Upgrades available this week . . .

Knucklehead Radar | Crest Of Alpha Lupi | Insurmountable Skullfort
No Backup Blans | 
Skull of Dire Ahamkara
Light Beyond Nemesis | 
Hard Light | 
Suros Regime
MIDA Multi-Tool | 
Ice Breaker | 
Super Good Advice

It's all worth looking at and Xur is found this week over by the Shipright Vendor although for me this week I will be saving my coins for next week in hope for something a little bit more special!

Friday, 6 February 2015

Fifa 15 Update | Coutinho MOTM

Following an amazing game by Coutinho for Liverpool FC he was awarded with a Man Of The Match card on Fifa Ultimate Team and I for one an so excited to use this card in my team. I already have the original card which is already a great addition to the team but this new one knocks him out of the park.
I wanted to show you his card mainly due I follow Liverpool FC and have a BPL team of my own.
Let's take a look!

Above: Coutinho MOTM pictured alongside fellow MOTM Toure.

I'd like to just pick out a few statistics from his new card found over at Futhead that I think will made him a must have on the pitch.

88 - Ball Control to give him amazing first touch and close control to keep possession.

89 - Dribbling to keep hold and skip past the opposition.

87 - Short Passing giving him the edge in the final third for playmaking.

90 - Acceleration sends him straight out the blocks to beat other players.

93 - Agility/ Balance to make quick turns with ease.

I am looking forward to partnering him up with my IF Lallana to make an impact in my team.
Be warned that he will cost you plenty coins to get him in your team!