Friday, 13 June 2014

New Walkthrough: Destiny Alpha

Destiny Alpha
New Playthrough/ Walkthrough

Head on over to my YouTube Channel to see a brand new walkthrough of the latest game that still isn't due out until the 9th September 2014!

This game is a brand new series brought to you by the amazing team at Bungie (creators of Halo) and Activison (developers of Call Of Duty) and takes the PlayStation 4 to the skies with this open world MMO. This is the Alpha version of Destiny showing the first missions and parts of the universe such as The Tower and Old Russia. Ill show you customisation, weapons and the missions involved in the Alpha as well as exploring the world as much as we can.
I will also be doing more gameplay when the Beta releases next month!

Join me in the fight to save the world from our enemies!

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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Personalised Phone Case - Mr Nutcase Review

So this is something different for me to do my reviews on but this is a must have and definitely worth buying for yourself, your partner, family or friends. This is my review on a great little product that is a custom phone case and you can purchase yours from Mr Nutcase.
What makes this different from others?
At a great price you can customise your own phone case to fit almost any phone as it can be built for many makes such as Apple, Samsung, Sony and much more.
You can also choose from different phone case styles including an Ultra Light Weight Slimline, Executive Flip Leather Style or a Full Wrap Around Premium Edition; I chose the Slimline for my phone case shown in the photo.
You can create a case from scratch and use some layouts and upload some of your own photo's to put in like I have above. Haven't got any photo's? Don't worry, the great team over at Mr Nutcase has plenty to choose from with designs they have created so feel free to choose one of those great designs.
As you can see from my phone case above I chose one of their layouts that I could customise and upload my own photographs which I based on my beautiful girlfriend and myself.
The case itself fits perfectly around the phone allowing full functionality of all the buttons on your phone.
From ordering, my phone case only took 2 working days for it to be delivered and is of the highest quality. This came bundled with a free screen protector if you *like* the Mr Nutcase Facebook Page

Don't miss out on these great cases as they are great for you or for a thoughtful gift.

E3 - EA Media Briefing

Electronic Arts E3 Media Briefing

Live from E3, EA held the second of the days conferences bringing a collection of games to the stage.
EA's conference aired at 8.00pm UK time and lasting roughly 60 minutes also all dedicated to GAMES!

EA always deliver top quality games including our favourite sports games.

Catch up on all the coverage  HERE

SPOILERS! Below are some of the annoucnements and games involved!

So, let's get stuck in with the games:

Firstly, a new Star Wars game? The giant publisher finally brought us a small glimpse of the new Star Wars title and fans was amazed and cannot wait to get there hands on this new game.
Announcement of a brand new Mass Effect game had most peoples wait finally end with this confirmation.
Of course there was sports! UFC, NHL, Madden and FIFA 15 all appear with stunning next gen graphics and I cannot wait for any of these titles especially with September 23rd announced as the release date for FIFA 15!

Other games involve a new car racer game from the creators of the Burnout series but this one stretches beyond cars and more of Mirrors Edge 2 and the latest in the Sims family.

Plus more games that you do not want to miss!

Only addition I would have liked was more on the new FIFA as I am a huge football fan and play these games year in year out! However I was delighted to see NHL appear this year coming to next gen.

What games did you want to see? What games did you enjoy?

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Monday, 9 June 2014

E3 - Microsoft Media Briefing

Microsoft E3 Media Briefing

Xbox One creators brought to you live from E3 an amazing show full of phenomenal new games and announcements that left you wanting more!
Microsoft's conference aired at 5.30pm UK time and lasting 90 minutes all dedicated to GAMES!

Listening to the fans they delivered pure games and less kinect and entertainment.

Catch up on all the coverage  HERE

SPOILERS! Below are some of the annoucnements and games involved!

So, where to start? how about with the games we already knew about?

Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare shows off its next generation graphics with its futuristic styles yet still brings it's classic shooter to your homes.
The Division is one I have been looking forward to since it's announcement and at E3, the Microsoft conference brings a new trailer showing off more tools to use in your arsenal and amazing graphics using the new snowdrop engine.
One many have been waiting for .... Masterchief returns with Halo Masterchief Collection with contains Halo 1, 2, 3, 4, Digital copy of Halo Nightfall and a beta for the upcoming Halo Guardians!
Sure it's a must have!

Other games involve:
Project Spark
Sunset Overdrive
Forza Horizon 2
Assassin's Creed Unity
Dance Central Spotlight
The Witcher 3
Fable Legends

Announcement's involve:
Rise Of The Tomb Raider

Plus more games that you do not want to miss!

Only games I wanted to see and it didn't appear was a new Gears Of War to add to the collection?

What games did you want to see?

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